Hold hands and sons


Hold hands and sons

I am really sad and my heart is broken when I say that I broke up after you have broken my heart countless times.

  I know that breaking up with me is the right choice for you. It is also a rogue choice. You want to find someone to love yourself and comfort yourself.

  But I didn’t do it.

  Love someone, really love someone, you said that I am selfish, I am really selfish, but when you need me the most care, I am not by your side, I forgot to cherish in your concern, IIt does not matter that it becomes such a case.

  I once told you about my rankings, 1 relatives 2 teachers 3 friends 4 lovers, in fact, my favorite is that you have put you in the end, there is only one reason, they are so perishable, can really accompanyWhen I came to the end, it was you, the only one who held the hand and the old man.

  I used to hope that I can watch the sunset with you, but I don’t blame you. I can’t understand that I learned to cherish it recently and understand a lot of things. I cherish the time spent with my family and friends. I came to the middle of the night and I met my new one.Classmates, but they are also so perishable, and we will not be separated for half a semester. Maybe we will forget each other, forget the time we have together, and forget that memory.

  Maybe there is no kind of love that can last forever, love is more love, after leaving you, I no longer believe that there is true love, and love that is not dead, maybe the vows are as easy as the night of the night.

But I will never give up, I will use my life to love you and care that you will never let you hurt.

I will accompany you so that you can see my sincere and happy learning.

  I hope that in the afterlife, I will meet you again, love you very much?
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