[How fast do potatoes have, do you know?


]_ Calories_ Thermal Energy

[How fast do potatoes have, do you know?

]_ Calories_ Thermal Energy

Potato is a kind of food that people love, and many people who want to lose weight also choose to use rice instead of rice as a staple food to control the growth of feces in the body, but many people are not clear about the changes in potatoes.

The conversion of rice and potatoes of the same weight is only two-thirds of your annoyance. No wonder many potatoes are the favorite of dieters.

First, potatoes are traced to heart. Potatoes are indeed a good fat-reducing or fitness ingredient. The first advantage is that the conversion is low. On average, there are only 76 calories per 100g of conversion.Two-thirds.

In addition, the supplementary fiber is rich, the volume is relatively speaking, the feeling of fullness is strong, and it also contains resistant starch which is more conducive to fat loss, which can be said to be very excellent.

Second, the misunderstanding of potato weight loss 1. Improper cooking methods Potatoes are not an instant weight loss food. They will not lose weight because they eat potatoes every day.

If it is processed, the method of cooking potatoes is not proper, neither weight loss will cause weight gain, such as french fries, once fried, its energy far exceeds the energy of the potatoes themselves.

A medium sized steamed, boiled or baked potato has a volume of about 90 kcal, and when the same potato is fried into fries, it can contain up to 200 kcal or more.

2. For a long time, potatoes have been the only food. From the perspective of nutritional value, the ratio of potatoes to polished rice and white noodles has a relatively high mineral content, such as potassium and magnesium.

In addition, potatoes still have a certain amount of precipitated fiber, and there is very little precipitated fiber in polished rice and white flour.

Therefore, using potato instead of polished rice should be a good choice.

However, the long-term practice of using potatoes as the main food is not very desirable.

This will make the food too monotonous and it will be difficult to get all the nutrients the body needs.

Third, potato weight loss tips1, when buying potatoes, do not choose the sprouts, because the long sprouts are rich in toxins, eating will cause diarrhea, and the flesh color will become dark gray or dark spots, it may be frozenIt’s broken and it’s not easy to eat.

2, when using this method to lose weight, pay attention to nutritional balance, you can properly add some protein to provide a good physical basis for future weight loss.

3, potato chips can not lose weight, potatoes in the process of frying will absorb a lot of oil, but they will become fat after eating.