Old people do these 7 things after they retire to pass the time


Old people do these 7 things after they retire to pass the time

When the elderly retire, the time will be vacant. At this time, many elderly people do not know how to pass the time. It is better to follow the Xiaobian to see if the old man can do something after he retirees.

  The old man can pass the 7 things after he retire to pass the time.

Develop a practical fitness program.

First of all, we must develop a practical fitness plan and choose the appropriate exercise method according to our own situation.

For example, walk 4 per day.

8 km, use exercise equipment to exercise properly.


Appropriate weight loss.

When you go to work, it is often difficult to implement healthy eating plans and sports goals because of work.

Unhealthy diets cause many people to weigh far more than healthy standards before retirement.

After retirement, it will not hinder the implementation of group diet weight loss programs with family and friends, reduce excess weight, eliminate “beer belly” and “swim ring”, reduce the risk of various diseases and maintain good health.


Keep your home environment healthy.

You may not have enough time to clean up before you retire.

Now, you can immediately check each corner of your home, and conduct a thorough inspection of hygiene and home improvement to remove toxic chemicals that cause allergies, irritation, and even stress.

Clean the kitchen hood, change the shower curtain regularly, and wash the sheets frequently.

If necessary, you can also re-adjust the furniture home furnishings that have been unsatisfactory.


Cooking healthier and more delicious food.

After retirement, you can have more time and income to study scientific diet, how to eat comfortably, eat healthy; you can study new recipes, try new ways to make nutrition more comprehensive.


Stay intimate with your partner and your child.

After retirement, it is best to have more communication with your wife and children to maintain close relationships.

You can join some of your social activities with your wife, go out for a walk or take a long trip to make your relationship more harmonious.

You can also cook for the children, do things that are within your power, and reduce the burden of life for the children.

Accompanied by children, children and grandchildren around the knee, happy, the happiness of retirement will multiply.


Physically, continue to do some small work.

Continue to work after retirement, good for health and longevity.

The study found that short-term or temporary work after retirement can slow down the mental illness, make the elderly function properly, and reduce major diseases.


More friends, more chat.

Studies have shown that people often keep in touch with family and friends and prevent memory loss.

After retirement, you can go to the social network, chat with friends and family, and string the door.

You can also make more new friends on social networks.

  After the old man retires, he must maintain a good attitude and calm down. As long as he can calm his mental state, instead of thinking about his full-time response when he is in office, there will be no sense of loss.

Only when you calm your mind and put down the shelf, you can mingle with the people around you, and you can share the same fate with them, want to know what someone thinks, and rush to someone’s urgency, and life will have new content and fun.

  After retiring from normal life, do not specialize in life, but be diligent and economical, not extravagant and wasteful.
This is both the duty of being a man and the virtue of the Chinese.
Of course, everyone’s lifestyle, lifestyle and hobbies are different and cannot be forced.

However, people’s quality of life and living standards change the development of the society is constantly improving, if you do not maintain diligence and thrift, blindly pursue material enjoyment, live a life of extreme luxury and extreme life, drunken dreams of life; or blindly coveted ease, idle, full of food,If you don’t do anything, you are not willing to participate in the labor and exercise that you can do. The body is bound to gain weight. The blood pressure rises, the baseline is abnormal, and the blood lipids increase. Various diseases such as high blood pressure affect the physical health, and the severe ones may endanger life.

  After the peace of mind, after retirement, the door is cold, the cars are scarce, the compliments are gone, and the sense of loss is increasing.

Relatively speaking, the monthly income has decreased. Those young people in the past have gradually surpassed their own wages. Therefore, they are psychologically unbalanced, unreasonable, unsatisfactory, uncomfortable, whining, and sulking.

In the long run, it will definitely affect health.

If we can look at the problem with a peace of mind, in general, the living conditions of most retired people are still insufficient and more than enough.

It is not the fundamental problem that needs urgent attention in front of us. The first thing is to be healthy. If you have a healthy body, you will have everything. Without physical health, you will lose everything.

The elderly should face life with an open-minded attitude, contentment, happiness, and re-establishment of life beliefs. This is a great substitute for their own health.