[Man is afraid of his wife to do these 5 things after marriage]


[Man is afraid of his wife to do these 5 things after marriage]

Women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, and men are also afraid of marrying the wrong person. After marriage, they are afraid that the husband and wife will be at odds with each other.

Compared to women, men are more eager for a happy home, and they are looking forward to a gentle and virtuous woman behind them, waving flags for him.

The first married man respected a creed in his heart. This is “home and everything.” If the family is not in harmony, it will definitely hurt the muscles, move the bones, and hurt the gods.

First of all, when a man gets married, he is most afraid of the following five things: First, he is afraid of being spoiled.

After many women get married, they are not very filial, and they start raising their noses and raising their eyes.

Complain that they ca n’t be human, that ‘s not good, that ‘s not good, how your mom is doing, how your dad is, and even some women do n’t even ask men ‘s parentsDoing filial piety eventually leads to discord between mother-in-law and mother-in-law and family conflicts.

When the parents had nowhere to spit, they mercilessly patted the brick on the son’s head; his wife was full of anger and did not set off, and then stabbed the knife into the man’s heart.

Make your parents happy, and your wife will be unhappy; it ‘s not good for your parents, that is, “married daughter-in-law and forgot your mother”, a full-eyed wolf.

The man was trying to avoid the bricks, and at the same time he wanted the icy knife, and he was smiling on both sides, but he was not human on both sides, which was really uncomfortable.