[What can I eat while the mother is on fire?


]_ Postpartum _ how to eat

[What can I eat while the mother is on fire?
]_ Postpartum _ how to eat

The body needs to be nourished during menstruation. This is not only to speed up the recovery of the body, but also to increase the repair of qi and blood. After eating large fish and meat, excessive thermal insertion can cause the body to get angry because there are still babies to be fed medicine.If the milk is too hot, the baby’s tongue will become white, the baby’s lips will foam, and the body will not adapt. In order to prevent postpartum fire, you can drink the soup to eliminate the fire, and change the pattern regularly.Can nourish and reduce fire.

Foods that can help mothers to quickly reduce fire: Mung beans: Many people know that mung beans have the effect of clearing heat and annoying, cooling and detoxifying. Making mung beans into a soup solution is very suitable for women who get angry after giving birth, mainly because mung beans do not damage the yin, While also reducing the effect of the fire.

Cabbage: Cabbage is very rich in nutrients, including vitamins, carotene, fiber replacement, and calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Chinese medicine believes that cabbage is cool in nature, and has the effects of nourishing the stomach and improving water, moisturizing the intestines and detoxifying, and antipyretic and annoying.

Therefore, maternal fire can also eat some cabbage to reduce fire.

Lotus seed soup: Generally, heart fire can be divided into two types, virtual fire and real fire. Lotus seed soup can help postpartum expectant mothers to remove heart fire. Instead of lotus seeds, the heart fire is washed, and thenThe dumplings are wrapped in gauze. Put the two materials in the pot, add rock sugar, water, and cook together. After cooking, eat lotus seeds and drink soup.

Pork Liver: It can toxically dissolve the effects of lung fire. The lung fire mostly manifests as a dry cough without sputum, or sputum is small and sticky, the palms and feet are hot, the body is hot and sweaty, insomnia, and the tongue is red.

Prepare pork liver and chrysanthemums during treatment. Treat the livers well, then add the chrysanthemums wrapped with gauze, put them in the pot, cook with proper amount of water, and drink soup to eat pork liver.

Pig waist: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pig waist can help the mother to eliminate kidney fire. The onset of kidney fire often manifests as tinnitus, dizziness, softness of the lumbar spine, five upsets, and hot flushes.

When preparing, prepare some pork loin, mandarin meat, and wolfberry. After processing these materials, put them in a casserole, cook until the pork loin is cooked thoroughly, then eat the pork loin and drink soup.

The above is the answer to the question of “what mothers eat when they get angry when they get angry”. I remind you here that getting angry when mothers affect each other’s physical recovery will also affect breastfeeding and may even cause your baby to breastfeed.After constipation, eye drops and other symptoms, so the maternal must be timely to get angry treatment and treatment measures.