[Cimon Hot and Sour Chicken Claws]_How to eat_What method


[Cimon Hot and Sour Chicken Claws]_How to eat_What method

Sour citric chicken feet is a more common method of chicken feet. Chicken feet will be mixed with the lemon’s delicate flavor, which will taste delicious but not greasy. At the same time, it will also have certain health and health effects. It is appropriate in summerEating some is a very good appetizer, which has the effect of promoting digestion and improving appetite. The method of citric chicken feet is also relatively simple. Eating some properly can also achieve weight loss.

Ingredients for citric hot and sour chicken feet: 5 pounds of millet spicy (red) chicken feet.

1. Buy a catty of chicken feet, don’t choose the type that is hypertrophy, generally choose the one with bloodshot, smell the meat question 2. Wash the chicken feet with water, then remove the feet of the chicken feet, thenUse a knife to cut in half or three halves.

Freeze a bowl of water in the refrigerator (the freezer can be left for half an hour).

3. Put the cut chicken feet together with a few slices of ginger and cooking wine in a pot. Cook until the chicken feet can be inserted with chopsticks (do not cook too badly) 4. Then make the chicken feet and rinse with water.Attach the fat to it, then dry the chicken feet to cool.

5, this step is extremely important, it is related to whether the chicken feet are competitive!

After cooling the chicken feet, put them in the cold water just frozen for 10 minutes, and then remove the chicken feet to dry.

6, a larger glass jar (the kind can be sealed), if not, Tmall!

Then add salt, rock sugar, millet spicy (chopped), monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, peppercorns into glass jars, add pickle water, add more!

Then taste the taste yourself and add it if you almost taste anything.

Put the chicken feet in until it tastes right, and put them in one by one.

After putting it, if you feel that the water is not enough, add it and season again until you are satisfied.

Seal it for 7 days. After three days, take it directly to eat. Right, do n’t forget to shoot the circle of friends and let them like you!

Lemon effect 1, citric acid inhibits the accumulation of adults. When we add citric acid, it can effectively prevent the blood sugar level from rising sharply after eating, and decompose the fatigue substance-lactic acid, so that the sugar and lipid absorbed from food can be quickly convertedInto energy, even if it is consumed, avoid excessive accumulation, while promoting systemic metabolism.

2, fresh fragrance to avoid stress eating When the mood is high or fluctuating, it is easy to produce stress, which can be relieved by eating, this diet is definitely the enemy of weight loss!

Lemon’s natural fresh aroma can help you calm down, ease your mood, calm your mind, and prevent false appetite from erupting.

3, before and after meals, eat foods with strong flavors with different effects, or you can eat too much too much, drink a glass of lemonade after meals, make you immediately comfortable, and prevent false appetite from acting again.

Drinking before meals can activate the function of the stomach and intestines, improve digestion, and avoid excessive accumulation of indigestion after eating.

4. Promote blood circulation and improve metabolic power. Lemonade soaked in warm water will radiate heat from the center of the body, alleviate problems such as visceral overcooling, and the effect of citric acid. At this time, the body’s energy is rapidly consumed and blood flow throughout the body, Metabolic power immediately improved, insist on a drink every day, you can develop a lean body, no need to envy others!