Can patients with hyperlipidemia supplement?



Can patients with hyperlipidemia supplement?

The general public believes that hyperlipidemia is caused by good, too much food to eat, so it can not be tonic, otherwise it will lead to more serious blood lipids, aggravating the condition.

It is true that some patients with hyperlipidemia are indeed caused by eating too much food, but there are other factors, such as liver metabolic disorders.

Furthermore, from the point of view of modern pharmacology, most traditional Chinese medicine supplements will not only increase blood lipids, but also have a lipid-lowering effect. Only a few “food supplements” such as sucrose, honey, and chicken yellow are not good for hyperlipidemia.
Such as ginseng, northern brown, Cordyceps sinensis, Huangjing complete lipid-lowering effect, hyperlipidemia is qi deficiency, yang deficiency can be replaced; Shouwu, Yuzhu, Ligustrum lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum, etc. also have lipid-lowering effect, hyperlipidemia is yinDefective people can choose.

Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia are not incapable of supplementing. As long as there is a virtual image, as long as the principle of dialectical supplementation is mastered, the right drug can be selected and it can be supplemented.

Of course, if you show evidence of phlegm blockage, or phlegm and internal resistance, you can’t make up for it.

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